Ingot Aluminum (Al)

Aluminum is a metal usually found in nature in the form of bauxite ore. The aluminum which is light and soft, is matt silver in color. While the melting temperature is 660 degrees, the boiling temperature is 2519 degrees.

Aluminum is a metal that cools easily and absorbs heat, and it is spread over a wide area in the cooling industry. It can be processed more easily and is found more in nature than copper. It is a resistant metal due to its passivation feature and thanks to this resistance, it is used in many fields.  It has an important place in the world economy and industry in terms of usage areas.

It is an alloy used in industry, aircraft and spacecraft, motor vehicles, and decorative objects.

Ingot Aluminum (Al)

East West Madencilik A.Ş is one of the suppliers of aluminum ingot metal market. Our company provides distribution to all parts of Turkey with A7 and A8 analyses. Product pricing is based on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

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