Established in 2017, East West Madencilik Tic. A.Ş. is among the leading companies in Turkey in the metal sector. Our ore production, which is the raw material of metal, is carried out by our partner companies and we separate all our produced ores according to quality standards. After processing high-quality ores through a series of processes such as enrichment and flotation, we are turning them into metal by the factories we work with. In this way, we aim to minimize the external dependence of zinc and lead metals needed by our country's industry and to bring high added value to our country. As East West Mining Tic. Inc. A.Ş., we provide supply services in ingot aluminum and cathode copper material groups as well as ingot zinc and ingot lead metals. Our company, which operates in the entire process starting from the mine to the final product, is a commercial structure that is in the colored metal sector, based on customer satisfaction and stands by its customers in after-sales services.

We have mine exploration and production activities in Hakkâri, Elazığ, and Bingöl provinces, and we have warehouse and distribution services in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Ankara. We follow a company policy that increases the export level of our company and Turkey by providing wide employment areas in the East and West. We provide full-time, best service to our customers with our experienced staff who act with customer satisfaction and respect for nature policy.

OPERASYONLAR & PROJELEREast-West Madencilik, 10 farklı noktada proje bazlı bakır, kurşun-çinko, alüminyum v.b. metalik maden yataklarının araştırılması, geliştirilmesi ve üretilmesi ile, sürekli olarak gelişimi hedef edinmiş kurumsal bir maden şirketidir ...
  • İstanbul Merkez Ofis
  • KOCAELİ Antrepo
  • MERSİN Depo
  • ELAZIĞ Maden Sahası
  • BİNGÖL Maden Sahası
  • VAN Genel Merkez, Maden Sahası
  • HAKKARİ Flotasyon Fabrikası, Maden Sahası
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