Zinc Ingot (Zn)
Zinc Ingot (Zn)

The ingot zinc is a brittle metal and is bluish light gray in color. It is included in the transition elements group in the periodic table of elements. The boiling temperature is low, which is the most important factor in pyrometallurgical metal production.  Zinc is expressed by the symbol Zn. It is a metal that can be shaped in 120 degrees of heat.

A significant amount of zinc is used in the areas of brass, hot-dip galvanization and zamak used in the casting industry. Metal zinc reserve is 200 million tons in the world and 2,3 million tons in Turkey. Turkey's zinc metal consumption is around 60 thousand tons per year. 10 thousand tons of this consumption are metals returned from ores sent abroad through export, and 20-30 thousand tons are imported metals.

Zınc Ingot (Zn)

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